Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Jetsetters & Travelers

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The holiday season is upon us and with the end of 2023 fast approaching, getting your shopping done sooner rather than later is the best idea. But sometimes finding the perfect present for your loved one is a tough task. While you may know their hobbies and what they enjoy, you’ll always want to get them something they’ll use as well. Does your friend or family member consider themselves an avid adventurer? Then we have a list full of travel-friendly products they’ll both want and need. Keep reading and get some holiday ideas from our highly recommended gifts for jetsetters. 

1. TUMI Alpha 3 Continental Expandable 4-Wheeled Carry-On

Black TUMI carry-on luggage for jetsetters

The go-to when it comes to gifts for jetsetters is often luggage and for good reason too. High-quality luggage can last someone years and multiple vacations, making it a truly evergreen present for the holiday season. This TUMI Alpha 3 expandable four-wheeled carry-on is the perfect bag for weekend trips, work excursions and more. Its continental size and 42 L capacity accommodate trips ranging from four to seven days. It features a hanger bracket and a zip garment compartment large enough to fit one suit. Feel free to pack more than usual too, as the carry-on also has a zipper expansion for up to 2 inches of additional space. No matter how much you bring abroad, the compression straps inside will keep every item secure.

To ensure that the carry-on remains portable for even the heaviest packer, the bag comes with side grab handles, a bottom grab handle and a retractable three-stage telescoping top handle. It’s also durably designed, with molded impact-resistant side panels and protective bumper rails. For additional protection for the owner, this carry-on features a built-in TSA combination lock and Tumi Tracer®. Tumi Tracer® helps any jetsetter out when their items are stolen or lost. Just look on the bag for the metal plate with a unique 20-digit number and use it to help locate your belongings. One of the most unique details of this carry-on is the built-in USB port, which allows you to charge your devices no matter where you are.

2. TUMI 19 Degree Aluminum Black Extended Trip Packing Case

Silver TUMI checked luggage suitcase for jetsetters

If your loved one is planning on backpacking around Europe or studying abroad, then a standard carry-on will not suffice. They’ll need something bigger to accommodate enough clothing and toiletries for their longest treks. This TUMI 19 Degree aluminum packing case is the largest suitcase from the TUMI brand so far. Labeled “extended trip” size, this checked luggage offers an 84 L capacity for trips ranging from two to three weeks. 

Are they staying at their destination even longer? Pair this suitcase with the carry-on above so they can bring even more of their most prized belongings. This bag includes a hanger bracket, zip dividers and two TSA-integrated combination locks. Toting this suitcase on the go is easy too thanks to the three-stage telescoping retractable handle, the four dual-spinning wheels and the side carry handle. If your loved one is interested in giving their luggage a more unique look, this suitcase even comes with vintage-inspired destination stickers.

3. TUMI Alpha 3 Anthracite Brief Pack

Grey TUMI backpack for jetsetters

If your loved one is traveling by plane or passenger seat, they’re probably looking to enjoy some personal entertainment while they’re on the way to their destination. The TUMI Alpha 3 Anthracite brief pack is the perfect bag to use as a personal item, fitting all their technology, books and more. This backpack has a spacious, organized and versatile design with various pockets, including a padded tablet pocket, three card pockets, three media pockets and a water-resistant pocket ideal for an umbrella or reusable water bottle. 

If they plan on bringing additional luggage too, they can even slip this brief pack on top of extended suitcase handles thanks to the added back sleeve. With the TUMI T-Pass sleeve, your loved one can fit any laptop up to 15 inches into this bag. T-Pass even meets TSA requirements, so when they hit a security checkpoint at the airport, their computer can be scanned clearly without ever removing it from the bag.

4. Bose QuietComfort Ultra Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Black Bose earbuds inside a charging case

If your loved one plans on listening to their favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook as they go cross country, then a portable pair of headphones is one of the top gifts for jetsetters. The Bose QuietComfort Ultra wireless earbuds are small enough to fit in any pocket and can be housed in the accompanying charging case when they’re not in use, so they’ll never lose them. While the earbuds offer six hours of listening, the charging case itself holds up to three more full charges. No matter how long their trip is, Bose has them covered.

Planes and cars can get noisy, between engines running and passengers talking. Bose’s immersive spatialized audio and its world-class noise cancellation can eliminate all these distractions. With CustomTune technology, the earbuds will analyze the unique shape of their ears and adapt the sound for them specifically. Just tap into Quiet Mode or Immersion Mode to activate noise cancellation, or switch to Aware Mode for a bit more transparency so you can hear all your surroundings and stay safe in foreign places.

5. Panasonic Lumix ZS80DS Digital Camera w/ 30X 24-720mm Lens

Silver and black digital camera with the lens extended

One of the best parts of traveling is the memories you make along the way. That’s why one of the best gifts for jetsetters and travelers is a good camera, so they can capture each moment and save it forever. The Panasonic Lumix ZS80DS digital camera is a great option for those lacking professional photography skills, but still seeking a high-quality shooting experience. This camera has a pocket-sized body so you can take it on every excursion. It features a large live viewfinder and a tiltable rear monitor that can be used for selfies. Use the 30x optical zoom to snap a picture or video of faraway landmarks, all in stunning 4K resolution. If you’re in motion, whether you’re in the car or walking down the street, the Optical Image Stabilizer (O.I.S.) will minimize all blur caused by shaky hands. You can even use this camera to take panoramic photos!

6. The Ridge Aluminum Olive RFID-Blocking Wallet w/ Cash Strap

An olive RFID-blocking wallet full of credit cards and cash

While going abroad can be a fun adventure, there are several precautions one should take to protect themselves and their belongings. Many credit cards these days have an RFID chip, which allows for convenient, contactless tap payments. But while cards have gotten smarter, so have thieves. RFID skimming is a newer way for people to pick up the RFID signals from your credit card and steal your information just by walking within a few feet of you. In turn, RFID blocking disrupts the signals and keeps your credit card safe from identity theft.

This matte olive aluminum wallet from The Ridge is capable of RFID blocking and can protect your loved one wherever they go. The main compartment can hold up to 12 credit cards or IDs and it also comes with a versatile elastic cash strap on the outside. The design of the wallet is small and slim enough to fit in their front pocket and the powder-coated plating can stand up to daily wear and tear as it’s completely scratch-resistant. These wallets come in multiple colors too, so be sure to grab your loved ones’ favorite shade!

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