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Holiday Cooking with Weber Grills

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We can probably all agree that there’s no better way to spend a warm summer evening than by firing up the backyard grill and cooking an assortment of meats and sides. But what about in the middle of December? If your grill isn’t the first thing you’d think of when it comes to cooking Christmas dinner, our friends at Weber Grills are hoping you’ll reconsider. We teamed up to create a couple of grill-based recipes that can be the foundation of a delicious holiday dinner. 

If you’re watching from warmer climes, your backyard grill probably does dinner duty all-year round. But for our local customers, an early-winter outdoor cooking session might require some bundling up. If you’re skeptical, check out Weber’s tips for winter grilling

Beyond prepping for some chilly weather, not much changes when it comes to grilling in the winter. Try not to open your grill except when absolutely necessary (which is a habit you should have even in the summer), and be ready to immediately get your finished foods inside, so they’ll still be hot when they hit the serving plate. But enough talk, let’s get to the recipes!

Are you shopping for someone who loves cooking outdoors and still struggling to find the perfect gift? Check out our entire selection of Weber grills, which run the gamut from the easily portable Go Anywhere grill to luxurious built-in natural gas grills. And grilling accessories like a cookbook, smoking chips, or new grill tools all make great stocking stuffers.

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