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Hands-Free Cell Phone Options For Drivers

As of July 2014, any form of using your cell phone while driving is prohibited in 14 states (including Illinois!) as well as Washington D.C. That means no texting, no talking, no viewing GPS info, and no Facebooking. You cannot hold your cell phone to operate it while driving, period (though there are usually exemptions for emergency calls). In addition to these state prohibitions, many metropolitan areas across the country have similar restrictions, even if their parent state does not. And even if it’s not illegal, driving distracted can put you and your passengers at risk. Today’s Bluetooth hands-free devices are easy to use, provide great sound quality and can be very reasonably priced. There’s no good reasonĀ not to be using one.

Our product specialist, Carl, took some time to go over the features of a few different hands-free devices.

The Jabra FREEWAY is a visor-mounted, voice-activated Bluetooth Speaker:

And if you’d like to avoid another in-car accessory or want to use your phone hands-free while outside of the car, here’s a look at the Jabra Motion Bluetooth headset:

These three devices are just a sample of the devices we carry. To see more, check out our Hands Free Car Kits category. Just don’t do it while driving!

And for more info on your state’s cell-phone use laws, check out this handy chart: Governor’s Highway Safety Association “Distracted Driving Laws”.

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