Simplify the “G” in GTL

In sticking with the theme of products for this summer, one can only think of 3 letters: GTL. Now if you’re like me, a Pacific Islander, you don’t really need a tan and if you own Febreze you don’t really need to do the laundry (Right, guys?). But you can get your “G” on with our new Home Fitness equipment which we now carry at Abt. Whether you want to go all Ronnie Coleman we carry free weights that can go up to 50lbs. (ok, so maybe not totally Ronnie Coleman) Dual Grip Medicine Balls, kettlebells all the way up to Life Fitness Home Gyms which you can frequently find in your local gym. We have an amazing display with sales reps who can demonstrate proper use of the equipment and make suggestions on other products to team up with so you can really be beach ready.

With me being such a gym rat I am actually excited for Abt to be carrying quality gym equipment. My first gym equipment purchase will definitely be Go Fit 30 lb. silver Smartweight Power Tube. Resistance bands are a great way to get a quick pump before you hit the pool. I like bringing these along because you can take them anywhere. Please take a look at our complete line of fitness equipment or come on in and get your GTL on.

Kevin R.

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