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Gutter Cleaning Made Easy With the iRobot Looj

Performing certain home maintenance tasks in the autumn can prevent potentially costly problems from occurring in the winter. Unfortunately, some of these chores can be messy, time-consuming and just downright annoying. One of those tasks is the dreadful gutter cleaning. Anyone who’s ever owned a home near maple trees knows the pain of clearing out thousands of maple tree seed pods from clogged gutters. Sure, they’re fun to watch twirl through the air as they fall from trees on a crisp fall day. Trying to fish soggy bunches of them out of an entire house-worth of gutters? Not so much fun. Sounds like you? Enter the iRobot Looj.


Maple tree seeds. Source of endless entertainment for young kids and endless annoyance for homeowners.

From the makers of the wildly successful Roomba vacuum cleaner robots, the Looj is a self-contained, automatic gutter-cleaning robot. Designed to fit into most standard household gutters, operating the Looj is simple. Place it at one end of a span of gutters and use the included remote control to propel it the length of the gutter. While it traverses the gutter, the flexible auger up front spins at 500 rpm, dislodging debris and launching it from the gutter. When it reaches the end of the gutter, the iRobot Looj quickly returns to its starting spot.

irobot looj

The iRobot Looj

Cleaning your gutters is important not just for aesthetic reasons. Clogged gutters don’t let water properly drain through the downspouts, which propel water away from your home and keep it from over-saturating the ground around your foundation. which can potentially lead to a flooded basement. Additionally, when the temperatures drop, clogged gutters will retain water which can cause cracks in the gutters when it freezes. But with the iRobot Looj, cleaning your gutters doesn’t have to be a chore that no one wants to do. No digging into rotten-leaf slop with a tiny shovel, no more soggy gloves and leaning dangerously over the side of a ladder just so you don’t have to climb back down to move it overĀ again. The iRobot Looj takes all of the muss and fuss out of cleaning your gutters, so you can focus on more important autumn tasks, like carving pumpkins and watching football. Check out the video below for more info, and get your iRobot Looj at Abt.

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