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Grilling Season Is Upon Us

We’re kicking off summer with a look into the world of BBQ grilling.

After a long, arduous winter (basically a regular winter for us Chicagoans), and a few false starts, it appears that summer is here to stay. Or at least for the next few months. Those of us used to this annual cycle know how important it is to squeeze all the juice from the fruit of summer, or, to steal a phrase from one of the great works of American Literature, “suck out all the marrow of life.” And what better bone to start at than the one in a juicy hunk of pink-in-the-middle beef, or perhaps one of many in a slab of St. Louis style ribs? That’s right. Summer’s here, so it’s time to fire up that grill and get cookin’.

grilling steaks

It may be a bit of a secret, but we’re big fans of outdoor cooking here at Abt, and not just because we carry a large selection of grills and smokers. We love it because it’s a great social activity, a great way to bring friends and family together. Oftentimes, it seems people feel the need to have a reason to get together, be it a birthday, anniversary, or National Holiday. And while stats show that there are certain holidays that people consider to be “grilling holidays,” we think the truth is that you don’t need a special reason to enjoy friends, family, and flame-broiled foods.

In the coming days, we’ll begin our season-long exploration of the world of grilling. Keep your eyes on the Abt Blog for posts detailing how to start using a grill after a long winter, how to clean a grill, and maintain it during the season, in addition to quick grilling tips and even some grilling recipes. In addition to write-ups, expect to see video reviews of grills, and hopefully a guest-spot or two by a  local meat master.

Of course, we can’t talk about how much we love grilling without putting our money where our mouth is, so to speak. So for all of our Chicago area customers, bookmark the Abt Events Pagewhere we’ve got a list of the grilling demos we’ll be holding throughout the summer. We get experts from Weber, Viking and Big Green Egg to hang around outside our store, give points on outdoor cooking and, best of all, cook up delicious grilled foods for all our guests to enjoy [Editor’s note: I stopped by the demonstration this past Saturday to snap some photos, and enjoyed a brat grilled up by one of the Chefs from our neighbor, Via Classico Cooking School. It was delicious.]

For our out-of-state customers, we’d love to get you guys in on the action, but the last time we tried to ship grilled ribs, UPS wasn’t too happy. So instead, we’re offering competitive pricing and free shipping on most of our outdoor BBQ grills. Click the link to look through our large selection of BBQ Grills and accessories.
In the meantime, check out our infographic below. We took a deeper look into the world of grilling and found quite a few interesting facts about all things barbecued. And before you ask, no, we will not be offering any 777 lb. hamburgers at our grilling events. And if you’ve got a grilling related blog or just a love of cooking meat and you’d like to contribute, just drop us a line. We’re always looking for insightful guest voices on topics like this.

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