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Green Heads Invade Chicago

Abt Green Head 01

If you’ve been on Michigan Avenue in Chicago the last day or so, you may have seen them. 6-foot sculpted heads, uniquely designed with greenery coming out of the top of their heads. Plant Green Ideas along with the Chicago Cultural Mile have installed fifteen sculptured heads on the Chicago Cultural Mile. The are the creation of Plant Green Ideas, a Chicago non-for-profit organization.  The designs come from sponsors of the heads, one of which is yours truly, Abt Electronics.

Abt Green Head 02

As you can see, our head’s design is sporting some cool shades with our logo as well as some headphones to rock out to some tunes.  The purpose of the Plant Green Heads is to create awareness for developing a greener environment.  Each head has real plant life growing atop it, acting as the heads’ finely cropped hairdo.  If you are from the Chicagoland area, stop by the Chicago Cultural Mile and check them all out.  If you can, go ahead and snap a photo of you with the Abt Plant Green Head and send it to us via Abt’s Facebook Page or Abt’s Twitter Page.

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