Great Gourmet Grilling Gadgets

All your friends are coming over, and they’re expecting some great summertime food and fun. The pressure is on, so you’d better deliver some top-notch grillin’ gastronomy. Even if the girl of your dreams let you buy the grill of your dreams, now is not the time to be caught without all the extra things you’ll need to make this the best cookout of the summer.

The right grill accessories can mean the difference between a successful party and a complete conflagration. One good rule to follow is—if you can’t really see it, don’t try to cook it. The Weber Grill LED Handle Light (Model 7516) is great for when the sun has gone down but your guests’ appetites haven’t. It attaches to your grill and uses three bright LED lights to help keep you from turning your food into charcoal. A handy tilt sensor automatically turns the lights on or off depending on whether the grill is open or closed.

Weber beeper thermometer

Weber Barbeque Beeper Digital Thermometer

This being the space age and everything, who wouldn’t want a thermometer that signals you when you’re away from the grill to let you know the food is ready? Weber’s Barbecue Beeper Digital Thermometer (Model 6438) will do just that. All you have to do is clip the remote on your pocket or belt, and the unit will send you a signal when your food has reached your desired temperature setting.

Steven Raichlen grill basket

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Grill Basket

Fish are really good at turning themselves until they’ve been filleted, which is when you’ll need a Weber Professional Grade Fish Turner (Model 6446), since fish turning should not be left in the hands of amateurs. This actually is a convenient utensil for people who love grilling but want to eat healthier foods—as is The Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue rectangular grill basket (Model SR8021). Featuring four separate compartments with separate lids, this non-stick basket lets you easily grill foods like vegetables and appetizers that cook at different rates.

We have tons more grilling accessories for you to choose from, so get everything you need to get out there and do some chillin’ and grillin’.  —by Graham W.

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