The Great Abt Grill Out is Coming!

Get up close and personal with a variety of grills at the Great Abt Grill Out.

Grab your aprons and get fired up for the Great Abt Grill Out! The first event of its kind, the Great Abt Grill Out brings together all of our favorite grill brands for an entertaining and informative afternoon of grilling action. Each brand will have representatives on hand to give live demonstrations on their most popular grills. It’s a rare chance to see some of the industry’s more unique products—like the Lynx Outdoor Pizza Oven—in action, instead of on a sales floor. See, taste, and smell the difference between gas, wood pellet, and charcoal grills. Learn why to choose smoking over grilling. And, of course, you’ll also get to enjoy the results of the demonstrations, with tons of fresh-grilled goodies to sample.

But what sets this event apart is that we’re also giving you the chance to get behind the grills and see how they work in the heat of the action. Ever ogled a Hestan Grill, wishing you could have the opportunity to stand beside its sleek stainless steel lid, feeling the heat of its flames tickle your brow as you flip that perfectly-seared T-Bone? Well, the Great Abt Grill Out is your chance. See what’s new in the grilling world, taste some killer food, and even score some brand swag. That sounds like our idea of the ideal Sunday afternoon.

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Grill Demo with Weber Ambassador Ben Marlatt

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