GPS Units Help You Save Money

As a cost-saving measure, many families are planning to travel to their summer vacation destinations by car rather than paying expensive airline fares. But did you know that a GPS unit not only can help you find the best routes, it also can play a significant role in saving gas money throughout the year?

According to a study by map-making firm Navteq, German drivers with GPS units were able to reduce their yearly mileage by about 1,500 miles. The study, which focused on two German cities, found that people who drove during rush hours enjoyed the biggest savings, especially if their GPS unit included traffic reports. Taking the results of that study and applying them here, U.S. drivers might be able to save approximately $200 a year on gas by using a GPS device, depending on their driving habits.

If you’ve thought about checking out a GPS unit, we carry a huge selection here at Abt, from top manufacturers like Garmin, TomTom, and Alpine. Whether you’re looking for a basic unit or a feature-filled navigation device, Abt has the perfect GPS model for you. So if you’d like to save time, aggravation, and gas money, be sure to navigate your way through the variety of GPS units at Abt.    —by Graham W.

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