Google Nexus 5 featuring a Nikon Camera?

The rumor mill for upcoming electronics is always churning. One that certainly gets the most pre-release buzz is the Apple iPhone. Recently, there were intriguing rumors this time, not for the new iPhone, but for Google’s newest smartphone, the Google Nexus.

nexus 5 nikon camera

The word on the street, and by street we mean online tech blogs, is that Nikon might be in the works with Google to have their camera equipment installed on the the next Nexus. It could have Nikon camera technology on board, with a “triple sensor” array. This works by combining three sensor layers, each with a smaller megapixel count, to create a single higher resolution image with better color rendering light enhancement.  Be on the lookout for more interesting tidbits about the Google Nexus as the release date slowly approaches.

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