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Gifts for the Movie Lover

The holiday season is in full swing and our gift guides are still going strong. Today we’re highlighting gifts for the movie lover including everything they need for a great movie night.  From cinematic sound quality to movie theater snacks at home, our guide to gifts for the movie lover covers all kinds of viewers. Most importantly, these gifts will add a heavy dose of holiday magic to your friend or family member.

Samsung The Frame TV

Samsung the frame tv 85 inch

A great TV is one of our top gifts for the movie lover–after all, your loved one needs something on which to watch their favorite films. This sleek TV turns into a piece of art on the wall, hence its name. Your loved one will be able to enjoy their favorite movies without disrupting the aesthetic of their home. Above all, its 4K resolution and upscaling guarantee high-quality viewing. We offer The Frame in all of its sizes, from the compact 32″ option to the massive new 85″ model.



LG 65" OLED smart tv left angled view

On the other hand, you might be shopping for a cinephile who prioritizes picture over everything else. Luckily, one of our favorite gifts for the movie lover is this stunning LG OLED smart TV. This LG C1 smart TV is available in multiple sizes so you can pick the best fit. The OLED display uses self-lit pixels for lifelike colors and intense blacks. Best of all, this LG TV is equipped with LG ThinQ technology so you can use voice commands on your TV or connect it to other LG devices in your home.


Bose Smart Soundbar 900 with Dolby Atmos

Bose Black Smart Soundbar 900 angled view

If creating a truly cinematic experience is important, a high-quality soundbar is one of the simplest ways to achieve that. This Bose soundbar has Dolby Atmos, an incredible technology that creates an additional dimension of sound for a truly immersive experience. This Bose smart soundbar has built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Home so your friend can control their sound system with their voice–no getting up from the couch needed.


Samsung 130″ The Premiere Laser Projector

Samsung the premiere projector left angle view

For next-level movie viewing, opt for a projector and screen setup. This Samsung laser projector is a top-of-the-line option that offers stunning 4K resolution. The projector’s sleek design easily blends into the room unlike other bulkier models and doesn’t require a ceiling mount for installation. Therefore, your friend or family member can get their projector set up easily to get movie nights started right away. Accurate colors and HDR10+ image quality will transport you to the movie theater.


Sony Blu-ray™ Player with Streaming

sony blu-ray player streaming

Our guide to gifts for the movie lover wouldn’t be complete without a reliable way to watch. This Sony Blu-ray player is perfect for the old-school cinephile who prefers discs. At the same time, this incredible Blu-ray player also gives you access to over 300 streaming services so your friend can have the best of both worlds. They can enjoy Blu-ray discs in full HD quality and DVDs in quality upscaled to near HD resolution. Old-school and new-school combine in this handy disc player.


Lekue Popcorn Maker

Lekue popcorn maker

You can’t have a movie night without popcorn and this Lekue popcorn maker makes it easy. Simply fill the silicone mold, set the lid on top and pop it in the microwave. You’ll have delicious popcorn in minutes. Making your own popcorn fresh at home gives you total control, whether you prefer yours plain for a healthier option or loaded with butter and salt. Its collapsible design makes this popcorn maker easy to store, too.


Our collection gifts for the movie lover has everything they need for a great movie night. They’ll be able to kick back with a bowl of fresh, buttery popcorn and check out the latest Netflix original or re-watch an old favorite on Blu-ray. For more inspiration, check out Abt’s long-running list of Gifts For The Movie Aficionado. And keep an eye out  for the rest of our gift guides including gifts for the gamer and gifts for the fitness lover.




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