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The LG UltraWide Monitor is the ultimate productivity tool.

One of the most exciting tech trends of the last few years is the increase in screen resolution for all sorts of devices. Smartphones are sporting 1080p (or better) resolution on 5″ screens, 4K resolution is nearing mainstream adoption in the TV world and computer monitors keep packing more and more pixels into their screens. Apple made a big splash with the recent release of the new iMac 5K display. But for windows users, or those looking for a higher resolution screen without replacing their entire computer, the LG UltraWide monitor (34UM95-P) is a fantastic upgrade.

This ultrawide monitor utilizes a 21:9 aspect ratio to fit a resolution of 3440×1440 pixels on a display that measures 34 inches on the diagonal. While all of those pixels will give you a serious gaming experience (assuming your video card can keep up), where the LG UltraWide really excels is in productivity. Walk into any office building today and you’re likely to see double or triple monitor setups everywhere, letting users see lots of information without cluttering a single screen. The ultrawide monitor replicates that, without the annoyance of a thick gap between monitors, or bothersome color and brightness differences between screens. A monitor this large is perfect for users who work on large spreadsheets. Doing research? You can have three or four full-sized documents open on-screen at once, without any overlap. Turn the monitor vertical for long coding sessions. And creatives will love being able to work on a full size graphic or photo while having tool palettes neatly off to the side. While it is more expensive than getting two separate monitors that add up to the same area of screen real estate, we think that any power computer users that are serious about productivity will find it money well spent. And as prices drop, it won’t be surprising to see ultrawide monitors become much more common.

lg ultrawide monitor

Fit three full-sized documents with room to spare.

The LG UltraWide monitor is currently available in-store and online at Abt.com.

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