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Get Big Football Action on a Budget

With the second week of preseason games already underway, the official start to the football season is rapidly approaching. That means Sundays filled with non-stop football viewing. And nothing improves the game-watching experience like a good big screen TV and a booming sound system. Of course, while it’s awesome to experience an immersive, high-end entertainment system, not everyone can spring for that kind of setup. Thankfully, it’s never been easier to get a quality picture and sound for less. Our in-house tech expert Carl recently looked at some products that, paired together, will give you a killer Sunday setup for less than $1000 total.

For anything but the smallest rooms, we recommend a TV that is at least 65 inches. Sure, a TV of that size can be expensive—but it doesn’t need to be. Carl takes us through the features of the LG 60UM6900, a very affordable TV that punches well above its weight. You’ll get all the must-haves for a TV in 2019, especially for a sports fan: a 4K HDR LED display, three HDMI inputs, a very low input lag, and perhaps the industry’s best smart operating system. And at the time of this writing, you’ll be able to score this TV and an extra-large pizza for six hundred bucks.

Unfortunately, like most modern TVs, the sound is less than impressive. Which is why it’s important to add an auxiliary sound system. And for that, we’re choosing the Klipsch BAR 40 soundbar. If money were no object, we’d always recommend a multi-channel surround sound system. But for both bang-for-the-buck and ease of setup, it’s hard to beat a good soundbar, and this Klipsch is one of our favorite recent releases. It has respectable sound quality—thanks to a pair each of mid-range drivers and Klipsch’s iconic horn tweeters, and wireless subwoofer—and it looks great. Plus, it connects to your TV with a single cable. Right now, it’s priced at $299. Together with the LG TV, you’ll get a complete entertainment system for well under $1000.

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