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Gearing Up for the Big Game

The Big Game is just a few days away, but there’s still time to make sure you’re set up with all the gear that will make Sunday as super as possible. Our resident tech expert, Josh, paid a visit to our friends at WGN News to talk about some must-have products that will make the most out of your gameday.

If you already have all the gear you need for your Big Game party, it’s important to make sure it’s all set up and working properly before the action starts. Soundbars are a popular alternative to complicated surround-sound systems, and though they’re usually pretty easy to set up, it’s not always perfectly clear how to hook them up. Depending on your TV and soundbar models, you’ll use either an HDMI or optical cable to connect the soundbar to your TV. We’ve got a couple quick tutorials that will ensure your soundbar is hooked up properly so you get every bone-crunching hit in perfect clarity.

How To Connect Your Soundbar with an HDMI Cable

How to Connect Your Soundbar with an Optical Cable

Other Tech Tips

  • Make sure your cable or satellite box is connected with an HDMI cable for the best picture possible.
  • Set your TV to Sports mode, if available. This setting includes color adjustments for common sports visuals like the green of stadium grass and usually gives a brighter, punchier color, while also optimizing settings for fast onscreen action.
  • If you’re using an antenna to get an over-the-air HD broadcast, make sure you’re tuned into Fox’s HD channel, which will have a -1 or .1 after it. For instance, in the Chicagoland area, FOX HD is 32-1. 
  • Cord-cutter with no antenna? Good news, you can stream the game this year on a Roku via the FOX Sports GO app, without needing any type of provider log-in

We hope this tips help! Be sure to check out our fun football-themed recipes, too.

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