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Garage renovations that make your home jealous

USA Today ran a story recently about the ever growing popularity of the “Man Cave, or, also known as, the “Woman Cave.”¬† The popularity stems from someone seeing a unique opportunity to turn what was once a car and belonging storage space, to a relaxing, hospitable part of their home.

USA Today interviewed Abt’s Todd Shuster for a bit of information on the proliferation of these new “garage caves.” “Man caves have always been popular, but with the ever increasing size of rec rooms and kids’ playrooms, the man has nowhere to go,” says Shuster. “Enter the garage, a place that can be a shrine to your favorite football team, your Harley or sports car.”

One of the most popular uses for a garage has been to store your car. Celebrities and the wealthy have gone the same route, however, to much more expensive results. “The place where you park has become a living quarters,” says Phil Berg, author and photographer for the book series Ultimate Garages. This book series showcases a variety of leading celebrities and business owners who have an obsession with collecting and preserving cars in their pristine garages, like Jay Leno.

jay leno garageImage courtesy of CNN

Garage uses range from the typically normal; they are storage devices to the more unique where homeowners transformed them into  spacious art-like galleries featuring cars. For the every-man, Abt Electronics can help you turn your garage into the more traditional man or woman cave with a variety of luxury appliances, electronics and even furniture. If you are simply looking to keep organized, we carry a wide variety of the popular Gladiator Garageworks.

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