Garage Organization Ideas

A well-organized garage with overhead storage, wall storage and closets

In search of garage organization ideas for your space? The garage is kind of like a basement: people use it for all sorts of things, from furniture storage to band jam sessions to football-watching parties to, well, car storage. But as time goes on, this space can easily become cluttered and crammed with stuff you don’t use.

Many online articles might focus on giving you a clear, empty, yard-work-focused space, but we all use our garages differently. Explore our list of garage organization ideas to make the most of your space, whatever you use it for.  

First, Clear It Out

A well-organized, empty garage

Before you can dive into our garage organization ideas, it’s time to clear out any things that you don’t need. Maybe it’s where the family keeps unwanted furniture, records, lawn tools, and other things you just didn’t have need for, but don’t have the heart to toss. Now’s the time to take a closer look at the things you actually need and what you don’t. Start by setting aside some time and dedicating it just to the task of emptying it out (especially if you’ve got a lot in there.) Here’s one of the best ways to break this task down.

  • Start out with the goal of making three piles: keep, junk, and sell or donate.
  • When it comes to how you organize these piles, that’s up to you. Some people like using a bag dumpster you can have hauled away, while others prefer a service that can come in and remove the “junk” for you. If you use this method, it’s a good idea to head into your garage with colorful tape. Give some to all of your helpers: tell them that anything with tape on it gets thrown away. When your service comes in, they can make short work of the task.
  • Alternatively, use spreadable tarps and have storage containers ready to go. Place each pile on a separate tarp. For gear you’re ready to keep, add it to containers with like objects.
  • If you’re not a fan of containers, we’ll help you make the most of your storage space with our own garage organization ideas in the following sections.

Next, you can choose what you use all that open space for. Better, more organized storage? A cleaner car parking spot with extra room? The perfect DIY crafting space? Or even a spot where adults or kids can relax, whether they’re watching the game or playing music in an *actual* garage band.  This is your space, and it should work perfectly for you.

Make It Perfect For Parking

A parked car in an organized garage with wall storage for shovels, brooks, vacuums, bags and more.

If you need garage organization ideas for car parking, you may think you’ve handled the hardest part yet: clearing out the space. And you’re right, but there’s more involved in keeping your cars protected from the elements. Consider your space’s floor: Is it oil-stained from years of car parking? Or perhaps you’re worried that you’ll just barely have enough room to pull in or park inside. If you’re having a hard time getting over that oil-stained concrete or asphalt, check out garage tile flooring. Unlike an epoxy coating, you won’t have to wait for a certain time of year to coat (warmer weather) and you don’t have to put up with all the hard work. Instead, these slats just slip into place like puzzle pieces.  

Now, when it comes to parking: the best thing you can do is get yourself a garage door opener. When it comes to driving or backing into the space, it’s all about practice. If your car has cameras, that will help you get used to it, but a good manual trick is to use the old tennis ball. Hang a tennis ball from the center of the ceiling: if you bonk into it, you’ll know you’re too far over.  

Finally, there’s the question of what to do with any leftover space. You might think there’s none left, especially with two cars in a garage that fits two and a half. We’ll answer that one below!

How To Make The Most Of Storage Space

Here’s where we truly excel. Abt has partnered with Gladiator GarageWorks to carry gear that lets you customize every square inch in your garage. You can do it on your own or with us, but we’ve got the gear you need to turn your garage organization ideas into reality. Here’s what you might want:

  • Garage Wall Systems: The perfect way to use slim wall space for storage, a garage wall system is perfect for hanging up lawn and sports gear like racquets, rakes, shovels, helmets and more.
  • Garage Wall Components: These hooks and brackets fit into the racks that make up garage wall systems for a completely customizable space.

The result? Shoe racks, bike hooks, sports caddies and more. Hang ladders, tools and so much more. If you feel like you’re still running out of space, look up: there are vertical storage components that are perfect for keeping little-used or seasonal elements up off the ground and above your car. When you’re planning out your new storage system, think carefully: how tall and wide are your vehicles? Will they brush up against a bike hanging from the wall or ceiling? Try plotting out your dimensions ahead of time, and you’ll be thankful you did once you’ve got the perfect storage solutions later.

Organizing The DIY Crafting Garage

A garage pegboard for hand tools like pliers, saws, screwdrivers and more

Maybe you’re handy with tools and love doing some DIY work, whether you’re the family fixer-upper or you’re cultivating a new hobby. Either way, anyone who works with tools will appreciate a space dedicated just to their craft. First, consider what you often do, use or need when you’re fixing things up or making something from scratch. Do you find yourself searching for that steady, flat surface? It’s likely time to invest in a real workbench, along with a safe electrical wiring system for the power tools you use. Or maybe it all comes back to better storage and organization. Then you’ll want to focus your energy on safe storage of your gear. Explore full-sized storage closets reinforced with metal as well as tough shelves perfect for your own gear. Stack boxes of tools, cords, screws, washers and more within. When you’re done fixing up that outdoor swing or re-wiring that string of holiday lights, you’ll be able to put all your tools back where they belong: out of sight.

Create Your Hangout Spot

If you use your garage for none of the above, you might love turning it into a hangout spot. It can be done, and these are a great addition to any home (though they may be seasonal: too cold in the winter). Instead of garage organization ideas, you need inspiration here. Do you want this to be that “Man Cave” area? If so, you’ll want something like comfortable seating. For that, an old sofa will do. Place a garage-ready refrigerator in here, too: depending on your climate, these can withstand decent dips and rises in temperatures. Stash these with the perfect refreshments and invite friends over to watch the game on a TV. If you’re throwing a party, open the garage door and have everyone bring over their own seating. Don’t forget to bring the TV and any speakers inside at the end of the day: rarely, if ever, are they weather-resistant. 

Not Sure Where To Start?

If you’re still having a hard time finding out where to start, our experts can help you get moving. Head to our store in Glenview, Illinois, or call us at 847-954-4100.

If you’re ready to upgrade your garage tech, we’re here to help. Abt replaces garage doors in the Chicagoland area, and we sell garage door openers you can order anywhere. In the winter, our teams even take on extreme tasks for custom jobs, like heating driveways.

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