Game-Day Recipes

game day recipes

Sure, it’s called the Big Game weekend (well, technically it has a different name that we’re not legally allowed to use), but for many people, the actual game isn’t the main draw. For countless fans around the country, that particular Sunday is a day to hang out with friends, laugh at commercials, and enjoy an endless spread of hearty junk foods. Last week, we looked at some great gear picks for the big game weekend. But if you already have the perfect home theater setup, or you’re simply more concerned with enjoying the party than obsessing over audio and video details, we can still help with that.

In this post, we’ve collected some of our favorite Big Game recipes from the last few years. Because while chips and dip are a game-day staple, you’ll need more than some Doritos for a worthwhile spread. Our recipes all fulfill the three most important traits of any good party food: they’re easy to make, they’re easy to eat, and they taste darn good. Think hearty flavors and gooey cheeses, all in bite-sized servings—no silverware needed. And most of them can be prepared in a single, common appliance like an Instant Pot, or in a simple baking dish, so cleanup will be minimal. There’s something for everyone here, from vegans to carnivores, so make one or make them all. Just make sure you’ve got some extra napkins.

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