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Fridge Organization Ideas from Abt

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The holidays are approaching, which means it’s time to prepare for holiday dinners. Organizing your fridge is a must, especially when you’re buying more ingredients or have tons of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers to eat. Even if you’re not a big entertainer, life is so much easier when you know exactly what you have in your refrigerator. Read on for some of our favorite fridge organization ideas.

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Fridge Bins and Containers

This one probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but one of the easiest ways to keep this appliance tidy is with bins and containers. These acrylic organizers come in all shapes and sizes to store all your groceries. An egg holder with a lid keeps them safe while also allowing you to stack other items or bins on top. Before you buy tons of items you may or may not need, assess your most-purchased groceries. We like bins with handles because they’re easy to grab, whether you’re taking out items to cook with or refilling after a trip to the store. Not only do acrylic bins keep all your items organized, they also look amazing. As a result, you’ll feel more inspired when cooking and feel a sense of satisfaction every time you open the refrigerator.

Label Everything

You’ll always know what you have if you label your fridge organizers. There are several ways to label, whether you purchase stick-on labels or chalk markers that allow you to write directly on the bins. It also gives you the option to write the purchase date or expiration date of items on whatever container they’re in. Additionally, if the bins are empty, you’ll always know everything’s proper place when it’s time to restock. Some items stay fresher longer when stored away from the light—labels are a great way to know what’s inside bins or containers with a lid that you may not be able to see inside.

Add a Lazy Susan

Of course, practicality is the most important thing to consider when organizing your fridge. Sometimes our items don’t fit neatly in a bin, especially things like condiments we reach for often. That’s where a Lazy Susan comes in. Our suggestion is to choose one with a low-profile design so it’s easy to remove and replace items. Because it spins, you can easily access anything you need without having to reach into the depths of your refrigerator. Choose a Lazy Susan with a non-slip bottom to prevent items from tipping over when you spin it.

Separate Fruits and Vegetables

Storing your fruits and vegetables separately is important as certain fruits release ethylene, which can cause veggies to spoil. Save some money and keep them apart. Nowadays, many refrigerators feature two separate crisper drawers—designate one for fruits and one for veggies. It also helps keep you more organized as these items typically aren’t used in the same meal. You can easily grab an apple or orange for a healthy smoothie as easily as you can grab bell peppers or carrots for a delicious homemade soup. It will also be easier to grab a healthy snack after work or school.

Have a Scheduled Cleanout

The last of our fridge organization tips is all about removing, not adding. Cleaning out your refrigerator regularly ensures that old items don’t take up important space and items you only use and enjoy make the cut. It helps to schedule your cleaning so you can stay on top of it, whether that’s every Thursday or the first of the month. Whether it’s a new hot sauce that you tried and didn’t like or the last couple carrots that you simply haven’t used in a recipe, your fridge will look (and smell) better if you prevent items from sitting around and rotting inside.

Interior of a refrigerator. In the top door bin are several jars. The bin below has eggs and a jar of green olives. The bottom door bin has a glass bottle and plastic bottles of milk. The body of the fridge has four shelves containing condiments, produce, two cakes and several bottles of wine.

The Best Fridge Organization Ideas from Abt

Tackle all your holiday cooking with your newly organized fridge. Each time you open its door, you’ll be greeted by perfectly organized produce and deli meats. With our tips, you’ll be able to keep your appliance organized year-round. Looking for more ways to tidy up your home? Check out our spring cleaning ideas—no matter the season, your house can always benefit from a little refresh. Have some fridge organization ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments.

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