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Free Digital Offers To Help While You’re at Home

Abt shares free digital offers while you shelter in place.

The silver lining to being at home all day right now is that it presents a great opportunity to discover some new things, whether how to create art or simply a new TV show. All across the internet, brands and organizations are offering up free access to their services, hoping to help make isolation more manageable. You might even come out of this with the beginnings of a new skill. Here’s a collection of some of the most useful offers available now.

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen some truly creative video content over the last few weeks. Want to take your YouTube videos up a notch with some pro-level video editing? Apple is currently offering a 90-day free trial on Final Cut Pro X. And you can mix a killer soundtrack with a matching free trial to Apple’s Logic Pro X music production software.

You might even try writing the music yourself, with some help from Fender. They’re offering three free months of guitars lessons via their Fender Play app. 

For many, an extended period of isolation is a chance to hone career skills or learn some new ones. At LinkedIn Learning, you can take courses in all sorts of professional topics, from graphic design to digital marketing.

Sharpen your Instagram skills with free access to online classes from the Professional Photographers of America.

Interested in more traditional education topics? Check out Coursera or edX, which both offer thousands of courses from major accredited universities across the world. And if you want to learn something really interesting—like, say, Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics or the Fundamentals of Photovoltaics—head over to MIT’s OpenCourseWare, where you can audit the same courses taught at the prestigious school.

And, of course, there is probably going to be some serious watching going on. Odds are, you already subscribe to at least one streaming service. But these days, there’s always something else out there. CBS All Access—which shows a mix of both old programs and new content—is free through 4/23. It’s the perfect chance to check out “Stark Trek: Picard” or the new “Twilight Zone” series.

If you’re struggling with keeping kids entertained, Amazon has got you covered. They’ve created a special library of kids shows and movies that are 100% free to watch, even to viewers without a Prime Video membership.

SLING is offering a free 14-day trial to their streaming service, which gives you access to more than 45 live TV channels, their on-demand library, and free Cloud DVR.

Even with these distractions, the toughest thing about staying home all day is trying to stay active. Thankfully, the internet can help with that as well. 

Peloton, makers of the uber-popular eponymous stationary bike, have made their training app free for 90 days. You can use it with any stationary bike, treadmill, or even with no equipment at all.

Daily Burn offers a huge library of in-home fitness videos that replicate the feel of the classes at your local gym. Right now, you can get a 60-day free trial membership to the Daily Burn catalog.

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