Fox Business Network Visits Abt

The Fox Business Network channel visited Abt today to shoot a series of short live segments in our store for its national reports. The segments took place in a variety of locations throughout our showroom and ran once an hour from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Central time.

Bob Abt on Fox

Bob Abt is interviewed as Jon Abt looks on.

Fox team shoots atrium

The Fox news team takes footage of our atrium and fountain.

Jon and Bob Abt interview

Jon and Bob Abt walk and talk with correspondent Jeff Flock.

Fox correspondent Jeff Flock spoke on-camera with store manager Marc Cook, company president Jon Abt, and company CEO Bob Abt during the various segments. The topics covered included the hottest new gadgets, the boom in sales of HDTVs, and Abt’s standing as the largest single-store electronics retailer in the country. –by Graham W.

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