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Finally, a Fix for the Falling Phone?

We’ve all been there, either personally or by way of a clumsy acquaintance. We’ve all felt the fate of the fumbled, fallen phone. Whether it falls just inches or goes accidentally flying forty feet in a freak unpocketing-gone-awry, the phone hits the ground with a gut-wrenching crash. You pick it up slowly, fearing the worst. If you’re lucky, it emerges unscathed, maybe receiving only a scratch, maybe just temporarily losing the battery cover. But many of us don’t suffer such good fortune. While Gorilla Glass and its ilk are impressively strong, sometimes the phone lands in just the right way to completely demolish the display of your precious companion.

Honda, however, seems to have created a solution. Observe, the smartphone airbag case!

This case looks like it can survive a free-fall out of an airplane, making it perfect for even the clumsiest caller. And no more wasting money on $8-a-month insurance plans! Unfortunately…it’s a spoof. Entirely in Japanese, the video appears to be a very clever bit of marketing for the airbag system of the Honda N-One, a compact car line exclusive to Japan. Still, it’s an idea that has merit. As advanced technologies continue to shrink, a protective phone case of this sort might become a reality. Until then, though, it’s best to stick with a bumper case like those from Lifeproof¬†or Otterbox.¬†

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