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Father’s Day Gift Ideas Done Right

Sunday, June 17 is Father’s Day—are you ready? The right father’s day gift is the perfect combination of thoughtfulness, and planning for the unexpectedness of Dad. You want to give him something he wants or needs but maybe doesn’t know it yet. A smile isn’t enough,

You want his expression to mimic yours on Christmas morning as a child – eyes wide and jaw flat on the floor.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an easy task by any means but, don’t worry – Abt has you covered.

Let’s start with this Asus Transformer Tablet with a Tegra 3 Processor (fast!), Bluetooth, Stereo speakers, and Android 4.0. Dad can surf the web, check scores, talk to old pals, and more. I know, I know – “but he can’t even use a smartphone, how is this going to work?” Simple…teach him! Part of the gift is his son/daughter sitting down and taking the time to show him around this device.  Pre-load it with apps and other stuff that you know he will enjoy. Get creative because you and I both know that tablet technology not only makes life easier and more fun but, can help exercise the brain too. Think about what pops likes and show him how this technology can help him do it, or learn more about it – he will appreciate the experience of learning from you and will enjoy the benefits of his new device, plus he can show off his new hacker skills to his friends. Oh how proud you will be.

For the audiphile fathers we bring you these Klipsch Reference Series Bookshelf Speakers. Enjoy every tone and timbre with Tractrix Horn Technology which produces a combination of precision, clarity, and effortless power that will take Dad back to his long-haired, rebel-rocker days. Want to turn it up a notch? Hook them up while he’s not around to a Sony Turntable and get one of his favorite LP’s going. Once he comes home, have him sit down near the speakers and tell you what this music means to him. Hear it like he wants you to – like it was intended to be heard the first time he listened to it.

How about those self-serving gifts? You know, the ones you buy knowing they will eventually benefit you too – like buying your little brother a video game, or mom a new iron. Pick Dad up one of these Weber Performer Charcoal Grills, a DCS 5-Piece Stainless Grilling Tool Set, a couple of steaks, and reap the benefits of authentically grilled food for years to come. Dads love grilling, you love eating grilled food – it’s only natural.

Finally, I bring you the mother (or father) of all Father’s Day gift ideas, a GE Profile Beverage Center. Whether you are beginning, or adding the final touch to Dad’s man cave, a beverage center stocked with his favorite drinks is the ultimate cherry on top. With a 150 cans, or 126 cans and 12 bottle capacity options, and 2 full-extension wine racks, it can hold everything he loves. He will definitely love the fact that a cold one is no longer up/down a flight of stairs but, is only a few steps away.

There are plenty more great Father’s Day Gift Ideas at Abt so, if these ideas don’t inspire you check out everything else we have to offer. Let us know what your perfect gift for dad is and, if you’re the Dad, tell us what you want in the comments below – we would love to hear from you.

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