Fall Patio Ideas: Prep Your Yard For The Season

A fenced in patio with string lights, a chair, pillow and blanket. Two small tables have lit candles, lanterns, a tea cup and croissants.

When homeowners think of their outdoor patio, they often think of summertime. They imagine sitting on the porch with a cold beverage, maybe getting a tan. But the truth is, if you’re only using your patio half the year, you’re only reaping half the benefits. Falling leaves and lower temperatures don’t mean your patio is out of commission, it just means you have to get creative. Prepare your yard for the changing seasons and continue entertaining outdoors with our fall patio ideas.

Outdoor Furniture

A grey and beige outdoor sofa sitting on a patio full of plants with two small tables in front of it.

The first of our fall patio ideas could really be considered an all-year-round patio idea, as comfort is not exclusive to any season. Add a cozy outdoor sectional, sofa or chair to your patio, like this grey & brown Leroy sofa from Four Hands. We’re highlighting this sofa not only for its aesthetic appeal, but its material durability as well. The wooden features are made with outdoor-friendly teak and the Sunproof fabric is both water-repellent and UV-resistant. Whether you’re spending the morning on the patio with coffee and a good book or hosting guests, you want to choose outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements while also providing peak comfort.

Outdoor Furniture Cover

Even if you’ve invested in a waterproof sofa or chair, leaving your furniture exposed to the rain and snow is not the best way to maintain your set. That’s why Abt offers products like this Treasure Garden protective cover. This cover is made from RHINOweave®, a tough, breathable and water-resistant fabric. When shopping for outdoor furniture covers, you always want to make sure they’re made of high-quality, durable material. We suggest starting with the manufacturer of your outdoor furniture, as they’ll often sell covers made specifically for their sets. Otherwise, you’ll need to measure your sofa or chair and buy a cover in the correct size. Another tip? Invest in a cover that secures your furniture with a hem, zipper or leg ties.

An outdoor patio sofa with a cover over it

Outdoor Rug

An orange and black patterned rug laying on the floor of a home

The next in our set of fall patio ideas is completely optional but perfect for the homeowner who loves outdoor decor. Try laying down an outdoor rug, like this Kalora Sara design, beneath your patio furniture. Adding an outdoor rug to your patio will give your setup an air of sophistication. We’ve chosen this specific pattern because the warm, rustic colors just scream autumn. Abt offers a variety of rugs, but only a handful are outdoor-friendly so be sure to look for this feature when you shop. This specific Kalora rug is made from heatset polypropylene, which is stain-resistant and ensures that the colors won’t fade over time. Be sure to sweep or shake out the rug to remove dirt or fallen leaves. You’ll also need to air-dry in the sun after a night of rain.

Outdoor Fire Pit

One of our favorite fall patio ideas is this portable fire pit from Solo Stove. While a classic fire pit will provide a warm glow just fine, we love this product because it can go right on your wood or stone patio (so long as you invest in the Solo Stove Stand). Say goodbye to troublesome bugs, as you won’t have to sit in the grass. Now, you can enjoy a fire from the comfort of your outdoor sofa or under a protective awning. The Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 will not only keep you warm when the autumn wind blows, but you can also cook fun snacks like hot dogs or s’mores over the heat. Fans of the Halloween holiday can even enjoy sharing a spooky story around the flickering flames.

A silver portable fire pit lit in front of a group of people

Outdoor Heater

A stone patio with an outdoor dining set and an outdoor heater next to it.

If you’re not a fan of fire pits but still want to fight the cold, another one of our fall patio ideas is an outdoor heater. Outdoor heaters eliminate the presence of irritating smoke while keeping you and your guests cozy. This Hanover propane patio heater uses a simple ignition button to transmit heat in a 16.4-foot radius. Everyone on your patio is guaranteed to stay comfortable with such a large area of warmth. This heater can run for four hours on high and an impressive eight hours on low. It’s also completely weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant, so it can take on the elements as the seasons change. The best part? The pyramid-style design makes the product extra stylish so it will never detract from your patio décor.

Outdoor String Lights

While your Solo Stove is bound to create some light, when the sun sets, you’ll want to illuminate your patio to set the mood. The last of our fall patio ideas is to invest in outdoor string lights or some other type of outdoor lighting. These flexible string lights from Twinkly are 32.8 feet long so you can wrap them all around your patio. The lights feature 20 multicolor bulbs that can be changed and controlled with the Twinkly app. You can even choose different gradients, effects and animations or sync your lights up with music. Try going with an orange-purple gradient to set a spooky Halloween vibe or shuffle your autumn playlist and enjoy a colorful light show.

Rainbow colored string lights hovering over a backyard with tables and umbrellas.

This is just the beginning of what you can do with your patio for the upcoming season, whether it’s for personal relaxation or hosting friends and family. We have plenty of fire pit party recommendations and other patio gear for you to explore at Abt, but if you liked our fall patio ideas, keep learning about the outdoor products you can collect with our variety of outdoor buying guides.

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