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Fable Kids’ Tablet Now Available at Abt.com

Abt is often called a “toy store for adults,” but we also carry plenty of fun stuff for children (my favorite are the kids’ home theater recliners). One of our newest product offerings for youngsters is the Fable kids’ tablet. Everything about Fable, from the custom operating system to the physical design of the tablet, was designed from the ground up to be the perfect tablet for children.


One of the major worries with letting children use Mom and Dad’s tablet is the unrestricted access to the internet or app store that a “grown up” device provides. The Fable tablet prevents this by utilizing a custom operating system of its own design, which utilizes multiple levels of security. First off, Fable is a browser-free device, meaning there’s no way for a child to even access the internet, and all of Fable’s content is found in its custom apps. And while those apps may offer in-app purchases, all shopping rights can be locked down with the integrated password protection, preventing accidental one-click purchases. The security features also let parents (or authorized teachers) remotely select what apps are downloaded to the Fable, and even manage a friends list, allowing access only to authorized contacts. All available apps are carefully selected by Fable, with their exclusive online store offering hundreds of different creative and learning apps, books, games, videos and more.

fable tablet security

The Fable tablet’s child-specific design extends to its physical construction, with a body built to withstand the spills and drops that a kid’s tablet is likely to experience. The flared edges and wide bezel surrounding the 7″ touch-screen LCD make the Fable easier for little hands to hold, while bright colors add some personality in a sea of grey and black adult tablets. You’ll also find a rear-facing 3MP camera, 8GB of storage, a headphone jack, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n connectivity, and a battery that’s good for 6-8 hours. And one last surprising fact for a tablet, especially one that costs only $129.99: The Fable is made in the USA.

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