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Our Experts and Amateurs Pick Abt’s Best Mattresses

Aireloom Mattresses Abt

What Are The Best Mattresses at Abt? We Weigh In.

If you’re looking for a new mattress to replace your ancient one or to retire a recently-ordered (but poorly designed) bed in a box, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of mattress experts is well-experienced in all things sleep-worthy, from our top brands and models to the best firmness levels for different types of sleepers.

Instead of spending all day diagnosing your sleep types and needs, our in-house experts took a brief break to speak with our in-house amateurs. Together we set out to discover which mattresses are truly the champions of the second floor at Abt’s atrium. While you could come in and take a nap on each of the models on our floor, do your homework ahead of time and check out our available brands and top models below—from the perspectives of experts in all things sleep, and from complete amateurs.

Your blog author will be serving as the mattress amateur today, and it should be noted that I am a true amateur. I sleep on the least-expensive Beautyrest I was able to find when my bed started to develop a notable dip in the center, and only after much longer than the suggested 10-year cutoff.

Sleep6 Mystic Mattresses

Sleep6 Mystic

Robert Taglianetti Sleep6 Founder

Sleep6 Founder Robert Taglianetti

The primary bed-in-a-box that Abt sells, Sleep6’s Mystic model is a popular choice for guest rooms and master bedrooms alike. To describe this bed and what makes it special, we spoke to our resident expert and the brand’s founder Robert Taglianetti. He founded Sleep 6 after a long career in the mattress industry and now has over 27 years of experience under his belt when it comes to matching customers with their best mattresses. Robert’s idea was to create a brand that was closer to furniture than it was to the unnecessary aspects involved in middle-man marketing, focusing only on what clients need and want—healthy sleep. They began with the Mystic, a 10″ foam bed equipped with open-cell Cool Gel as well as an adaptive motion-isolating core.

What’s The 6 In Sleep6?

Temperature Control

Comfort SupportCoreSleep 6 Logo

Dual Motion Isolation

Pressure Relief

Washable Cover


Sleep6 is proud to support the For Autistic Kids Foundation, and for every ten FAK Cosmos models sold, Sleep6 donates one mattress to For Autistic Kids Foundation to benefit a family in need.

From The Amateur: The Sleep6 Mystic is incredibly supportive thanks to its foam blend, and feels great for those who toss and turn while they sleep. There’s no bounciness thanks to the motion-isolating core, making this perfect for couples who are woken up by each other’s movements in the middle of the night. Plus, it’ll fit just about any bed frame for unbeatable convenience.

Aireloom Rainier

From Our Experts: While beds in boxes are incredibly convenient and perfect for those who flip side-to-side, traditional coil mattresses are beloved by many. And we’ve got our hands on one of the most revered names in bedding: Aireloom. Each Aireloom mattress is handmade in California, while every stitch is made by accomplished artisans. One of the most popular mattresses sold at Abt, the Onyx Preferred Rainier features active lifting thanks to the pressurized ropes and active lifting effects created by squeezing multiple layers between the ropes. Instead of sinking into a mattress, this bed gives your body a very literal lift.

Aireloom Mattresses

From The Amateur: A literal lifting is correct. At no time did I sink into the bed, and I felt completely supported by the plush version of this mattress. At first that felt a little strange, but the longer I stayed there, the better I felt.  These mattresses are like no other ones I’ve ever tried before, and that unfamiliarity is the only thing keeping me from calling this model my favorite. With that in mind, the Rainier comes with a bit of a price tag, but it’s important to remember that these are multi-year investments. If you can swing it, this model is certainly one to consider.

Tempur-Pedic® ProAdapt®

From Our Experts: The first and largest player in foam, Tempur-Pedic® has grown to dominate over other more traditional brands and springs that have been on the market for decades. Their secure support system can only be described as “goldilocks-y”, meaning that it’s not too firm, and not too soft. One of our most popular models is the ProAdapt®, with its supportive TEMPUR® support layer and TEMPUR-APR® comfort layer. The cooling cover can be removed and washed easily, too, making the ProAdapt® easy to maintain and easier to love.

Tempurpedic Mattresses

From The Amateur: Similar to Sleep6, the TEMPUR® foam is great for anyone who flips around while asleep. You won’t disturb your sleeping partner. However, where the ProAdapt® truly shines is in their cooling elements. The dual cover SmartClimate® system brings cooling foam and a chilled cover right to the surface of the bed, making this perfect for warm-weather spaces, anyone who experiences hot flashes, or those who prefer to sleep in the cool (like me). For the complete experience, pair yours with the matching TEMPUR-Adapt® pillow to keep your head and neck supported and completely chilled while you sleep, too.  Or grab one for any other bed, these pillows are truly amazing.

Beautyrest L-Class

From Our Experts: With an ever-expanding product range and dozens of models, finding a Beautyrest mattress might seem like a tough task. A great place to start is with one of our most popular models on the floor, the Beautyrest L-Class. Their flagship hybrid is incredibly popular thanks to its pocketed coil and foam design. Four cooling layers make these a real competitor in the race to reach cooler sleep. But the true design improvement here is in the T3 triple-wound pocketed coils. These three steel coils are woven around each other, helping to reduce the expected motion one would find in a bed with springs. You’ll find better support and less motion within the Beautyrest Black L-Class hybrid.

Beautyrest Mattresses

From The Amateur:  Growing up with Beautyrest has always made me partial to their products, and the L-Class hybrid doesn’t disappoint. I felt extremely supported for the duration of my short stay, and I could tell that my infrequent back pain would probably stay away for a while thanks to these pocketed coils. Like with the Aireloom Rainier, the longer I stayed in the bed, the better I felt. If you already know you love Beautyrest and are having a hard time settling on a model, start with this one.

Stearns and Foster Lux Estate Cassatt

From Our Experts: One of the oldest firms we carry, Stearns and Foster began in 1846. While we can’t promise that each bed will last as long as their 150+ year tenure, their craftsmanship has endured the test of time. The Cassatt bed features a traditional tufted pattern that this well-known brand has been using for decades, showcasing the best of tradition and technology. This hybrid design features conforming memory foam and a dual-stage coil set that is both supportive and soft. Users can simultaneously sink into the foam and be lifted up by the springs.

Tempurpedic Mattresses

From The Amateur: While I love the reference to the impressionist painter Mary Cassatt, that has nothing to do with my verdict: this bed is my favorite hands-down. While not as “West Coast” as Aireloom or as temperature-focused as Tempur-Pedic®, the Cassatt had just what I wanted: incredibly plush comfort. It managed to strike the perfect balance between “support” and “soft”. If I were purchasing one today, this is the one I would pick—and I had never heard of the brand before.

The Big Takeaway? Try Before You Buy

Trying a bed before buying is incredibly important, as I just discovered with the Cassatt mattress. I thought that I was a die-hard Beautyrest fan until I sat down on that Stearns and Foster bed, but I never would have known that beds could be better. Many others prefer different brands and models, so it’s important to try as many options as you can before you decide on your new bed. Instead of ordering one you think you may like online, do some research ahead of time and head up to the second floor of Abt’s atrium. Explore accessories like pillows, adjustable bases and more. (These beds have remotes. It’s pretty cool.)

To learn a bit more about all the different types of mattresses available at Abt, check out our Mattress Sizing & Buying Guide.

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