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Experience the Samsung Gear VR in 4D at Abt

In just a few short years, virtual reality has grown from an expensive, high-tech toy into an approachable, accessible technology that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home for just a few hundred bucks. The Samsung Gear VR headset leverages the processing power and gorgeous display of the smartphones that millions of us have—Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or S8 and their variants—to create an affordable option for immersive enjoyment of games and videos. Using the Gear VR is simple: pop in your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, follow a few voice and on-screen prompts, download compatible software, and get ready to have your mind blown. You’ll quickly be transported into a three-dimensional world, where every movement of your head translates to motion in the game, giving you the freedom to fully explore a virtual world.

Using the Samsung Gear VR is an engrossing experience as it is, but Samsung has upped the ante with their 4D VR experience, which elevates virtual reality to a true multi-sensory adventure. The key to 4D VR is a high-tech chair packed with a system of sensors and motion actuators. The chair syncs with the VR game the user is playing, matching movements with in-game action. The result is a  that transforms virtual reality into a full-body experience.

As gamer’s roller coaster changes direction or their spaceship hits asteroids in the virtual world, the 4D chair moves in tandem. It might seem a little over-dramatic to have the users belted in, but rest assured, they’re in for a bumpy ride:

You can’t buy this chair in store (if you could, it would cost more than a mid-sized sedan) and, in fact, you can’t even try it in stores. Except for Abt. Samsung hooked us up with one of the few of these high-tech marvels available. Want to give Samsung 4D VR a test drive? Stop by Abt on a Saturday or Sunday between 1pm-4pm to experience it for yourself!

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