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Entertainment Essentials for Your Big Game Bash

Entertainment Essentials for the Big Game

Football Watch Party

Are you hosting extended family and friends for the highest stakes game in football? Or maybe you’re just watching with a couple of your own peewee pigskin throwers. Maybe you don’t even like sports (blasphemous to some) and are in it for the halftime show and the cameraderie. Or even better, you dive for the remote every commercial break to watch the Puppy Bowl instead. Either way, the greatest Sunday of the sporting calendar year deserves a little pomp and circumstance to go along with it. Make sure you’re ready for your watch party with everything you need to enjoy it to the fullest.

Boost Your Viewing Experience With A Bigger and Better TV

See it all in Ultra HD glory

When the whistle blows and the teams hurl towards each other, you don’t want to be squinting at a small screen. The perfect reason to pick up a new TV, maybe? Go big or go home with one of the models from our Top 5 TVs of 2021, like the 4K Samsung AU8000 (43″-85″) or the 4K HDR Full Array Sony X90J (50″-75″). The ultra-HD resolution found in 4K and 8K televisions will be perfect for capturing every detail, like the grass flying from players’ cleats and that contentious foul that might not have been a foul. Make sure your television is large enough for your space, too; expansive living room walls demand large screens. For bigger basement setups, a UHD projector might be the best way to go. 

Hear Every Touchdown Call With A Bass-Blasting Soundbar

LG Black 3.1.2 Channel SP8YA

A great picture (even an 8K one) tells only half of the story. Don’t rely on tinny speakers and auto-generated captions for football’s biggest event of the year. Instead, outfit your entertainment setup with one of our Top 5 Soundbars of 2021. Pick an all-in-one unit with the subwoofer built in for a multi-channel experience in one device. Alternatively, go big with a seperate bar and woofer—every slam and catch will land perfectly, sonically. And with the soundbar‘s boost in volume, you’ll be able to hear over guests’ conversations (they should’t be talking during the game anyway). And don’t forget to turn the volume up during the halftime show!  

Watching for One? Get Wireless Headphones

Headphones at Abt
Watching alone and don’t want to disturb the family? Use home theater headphones

If your family and friends are less-than-fans of football, do everyone a favor and grab yourself a pair of home theater headphones or a personal speaker. That way, you can enjoy your game while they enjoy theirs, whether they’re watching the Puppy Bowl or streaming the latest historical drama online. It should be a Super day for everyone, right? Keep in mind that your TV needs to have Bluetooth capability for this to work properly, or a Bluetooth transmitter attachment.

Don’t Forget The Snacks: Beat Back That Hunger

No matter how many people you have over, you’re gonna want to have enough food and drinks to last the afternoon (and into the evening). Be ready with coolers full of cold drinks for guests of all ages, or get creative and leave a few bottles of beer and juice pouches out in the snow to cool off . Fill up on bites with some of our favorite football-ready recipes below, too. If you’re hosting a ton of people, be ready with more food than you think you’ll need. You can always send folks home with leftovers, but you can’t beat a room of hangry football fans. Happy watching!

Recipes by Emily G.

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