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Employee Spotlight! Ted Scott In The Recycling Center

Employee Spotlight April 2023 Ted Scott In Recycling Dumpster

In case you missed it, Earth Day was over the weekend! At Abt, we celebrate Earth Day every day with help from our Recycling Center and everyone who works there. This month’s Employee Spotlight is shining on Ted Scott, a veteran employee and former big trucks driver who helped show our team around our new and improved Recycling Center.  

Ted Scott in our Recycling Center beside the Green Max machine and in front of conveyor belts

If you saw our Recycling Stats post, you may have noted some of our staggering 2022 feats: last year, we recycled 3.5 million pounds of cardboard, 800,000 pounds of Styrofoam, 1.2 million pounds of TVs, and 21 million pounds of appliances. That’s all thanks to employees like Ted! Ted started at Abt 24 years ago. He had previously worked at a Kosher butcher shop in Highland Park (hard work that would prepare him for his next career).

Once he started at Abt, he spent his first 22 years on our big trucks. For the last two years, he’s been in our Recycling Center. 

After suffering from tendonitis in my knee I needed to do something that was less physically straining. I am grateful to the Abts for giving me this opportunity.”

When Ted switched over to his new position, he was very “green” in both senses of the word. With the help of manager Ramon, he quickly learned everything needed to run the center smoothly from day to day, even while maintaining much of the machinery in-house with little to no outside servicing. That’s efficiency in every sense of the word.

To learn more about just what goes on inside our Recycling Center, check out our videos at the end of our post. Ted was kind enough to give us a tour of three of the most powerful machines that handle Styrofoam, cardboard and appliances. 

Ted’s Perspective

After our tour, we had fun asking Ted a few questions about his position here at Abt as this month’s Employee Spotlight. 

When asked what he loved about his job, Ted responded that it’s “the people. It’s a good group of people here in the Recycling Center. And on big trucks too. Shout out to them…and the night crew! I also like the hours here in the Recycling Center, having weekends off is a perk.”

Ted’s favorite Abt memory was centered around the amazing people that work here, too. “One year at the Abt Christmas Party, Shirley Hood, Christina Sasicki and Megan Kell sang Santa Baby to Bob Abt and did a little number. I’ll never forget it!”

Outside of work, Ted loves to ride motorcycles, listen to music and travel. “My favorite place to go would be Ireland. If you visit, definitely go to Temple Bar.”

Anything else you want to say? “My daughter Nicole also works at Abt in the parts department, and she’s been here for five years.” Looks like it’s a family affair for Ted and Nicole!   

Abt Recycling Center Videos

April’s Employee Spotlight leads us through the recycling center: check out the videos below!


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