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Employee Spotlight! John Samp & Mobile Electronics

John Samp at ABt

While we recently posted about the Mobile Electronics department’s stunning renovation on the sales floor, it’s time to showcase some of the work that happens behind the scenes. This garage is where the rubber meets the road, and it all happens because of folks who get their hands dirty taking cars apart and putting them back together. Whether customers desire all-new equipment like enhanced car stereos complete with GPS systems or clients are just hunting for remote starters, our team is ready to install your new equipment and get you back out on the road again.  

Abt Garage
A peek behind the curtain at Abt’s Mobile Electronics center

Our tight ship is run by Jon Samp, our Mobile Electronics manager and buyer, and the subject of this month’s Employee Spotlight. (Each month, we spotlight one of our phenomenal employees and explore their history at Abt. Check our social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn to see these on the regular.)

John Samp Image, Mobile Electronics

John has been sharing his vehicle expertise with Abt for over 21 years. Back in the day he used to work on the sales floor, helping customers to choose the best speakers and subwoofers for their 2000s-era cars. Since then he’s been one of several employees to start on the sales floor and earn a spot as manager. While John is often busy picking out products and managing his team, he doesn’t spend his day chained to a desk by any means. You can often find him getting some grease on his hands and leading the way on projects—especially exotic ones. 

When asked about his favorite car, he said “I love any or mostly any exotics, but if I had to pick one (favorite), it would be the Lamborghini Aventador.”

Lamborghini Aventador
Luckily for John, our shop has seen a few Lamborghinis in the past

But those exotic cars aren’t as common as classic sedans and SUVs looking for an upgrade, and John loves working on them all. His favorite part of the process? “Talking to people and getting them excited about new products that we can install in their vehicle. We do things that others say (are) impossible.”

We asked him about his favorite memory at Abt, and he had a hard time choosing just one from over two decades of experience. “There are so many,” he said. “Back in the day when Bob Abt purchased one of our showroom cars, we did a full audio upgrade package.” In fact, John and his team did such a great job that the auto would become the car Bob drove to work every day. Bob passed away in 2015, though many longtime employees still share happy memories of their time together.

When he isn’t hanging out in the garage installing, John loves to golf, cook (especially his taco dip, which his friends say is top-notch) and travel with his family. Hawaii was his most recent travel destination, and is notedly more tropical than Chicagoland in February.

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