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Employee Spotlight! Billy Govis

Billy Govis in the Warehouse at Abt

There’s a lot of Abt Electronics that customers can’t see from the showroom. But one of our most iconic symbols that travels all across town is the white truck emblazoned with our logo.  Every time you see one of our local trucks, it came with direction from our very own Billy Govis. 

Billy Govis addressing employees in the warehouse
Billy Govis in the warehouse at Abt Electronics

Billy has been at Abt for over 21 years and has worked his way up from driving behind the wheel of an Abt truck to being the top routing/dispatch manager. He manages the organization and dispatch of all local delivery Abt trucks and the routes that they take to bring electronics and appliances to their final destinations.

After a referral from his brother, Billy started working to drop off TVs in the delivery department, moving across towns to bring customers exactly what they ordered as quickly as possible. When asked what he loved about his current position, Billy replied “I love being here for all the drivers. I was once a fellow driver alongside them and I know the stresses this job brings. I love being an inside connection for them. Back in the day we didn’t have the support that we do now for the drivers, so it’s a great feeling helping them all out daily.”

It’s this understanding and expertise that led Billy to be named Employee of the Year. That title is one of his most cherished accomplishments and memories, along with the fun he’s had with the friends he’s made here, including Bob Abt. Billy even ran the Abt softball team with fellow employees, winning championships with the guys on the team. As the holidays approach, he and other employees celebrate Thanksgiving day football every year.

Billy hits the Abt gym every morning and is a huge sports fan—he can be found playing softball 2-3 times a week. When he’s not playing sports, he’s focused on cooking and exploring new recipes: “I love eating healthy and trying new dishes. I’ll try anything once, except for oysters”. He also loves gardening and his two kitties, Deuce and Bella.



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