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Employee Spotlight: Aimee Nielsen

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It’s fall, y’all! The change of the seasons is always exciting, and we’re thrilled to shine our employee spotlight on Aimee Nielsen! Aimee is in our Builder’s Division in Builder Sales, where she works directly with builders to help them find just what they need for their projects. Whether builders are working on single-family homes or Chicago skyscrapers, Aimee and her team help to outfit them with all the appliances they need.

Our Employee Spotlight Aimee Nielsen in the inspiration studio on the left, and in 2022's halloween costume on the right. She is dressed as Colonel Sanders with her Dog Bruno as a chicken

Experience & Adventures

Our Employee Spotlight Aimee has been here at Abt for over 17 years, though she started here with a summer job between college breaks. “I’d never heard of Abt and actually got lost on the way here even though I lived 5 miles away at the time.” Her career path has taken her all across Abt. From her starting position in customer service to the welcoming smile in the Living Kitchen (featuring the latest Sub-Zero and Wolf products) to a position as a sales assistant and finally the Builder Division, she’s covered a lot of ground when it comes to selling appliances.

Favorite Abt Memory? “Being selected to go to Italy for Bertazzoni training. It was my first time out of the country! We toured the Bertazzoni factory and got to meet Nicola Bertazzoni and made our own pasta in their show kitchen.”

When asked what she loves about her job, Aimee said that “working for a family company is everything. I’m respected and valued as a person, and not treated as ‘salesperson number 863’. I’m empowered and trusted to do what I need, within reason of course, to make sure my job is done to the best of my ability.” 

Crafting Perfectly

And she knocks it out of the park: one of Aimee’s most recent projects was working on a luxury skyscraper in Chicago. It just goes to show Aimee’s commitment to being the best she can be. When she gets home, things are a little bit more low-key. “I love crafting—all of it. I’m always tinkering with something and grabbing new ideas. My coffee table is always covered in chaos.”

Some of her favorite memories at Abt are from our October 31st Costume Contest. And as we’re coming up on Halloween, veteran shoppers and employees alike might recognize Aimee’s Halloween buddy. “My English Bulldog Bruno is my Halloween sidekick, you’ll see him in costume with me every year.” We wonder what kind of costume she’s cooking up for this holiday, and can’t wait to see it. Check back on our social feeds right after Halloween to see the two of them and their joint costume!

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