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Efficient Laundry: Save time, money, and the environment at the same time!

laundry time saving tips

The environmental protection agency estimates that an American family does nearly 400 loads of laundry a year! That’s a lot of time spent washing, separating and folding clothes that can be spent doing…anything else! We’ve scoured the internet for a few helpful tips on how you can save some time and money doing the world’s most hated chore.

Just like in every other aspect of our lives, efficiency is king. Start out by taking a look at your current washer to see if its energy efficient. If not, consider taking a look through Abt’s selection of Energy Star models.

  • Energy Star models not only consume 30 percent less energy and 50 percent less water, but could save you an extra $135 a year.
  • Don’t overload the washer, it can make clothes dirtier and cost you more time.
  • Check the detergent: Using concentrated formulas saves space and reduces plastic waste by 95% and water usage by almost 400 million gallons a year nationwide.
  • Dry one load after another: the residual heat will speed up the process and if you add a dry towel to the load, it will soak up the moisture and you will be done faster.
  • Add two tennis balls, saturated with fabric softener to loads of towels and/or bedding, it will save you money on dryer sheets and keep the load softer and less-wrinkly.

Be efficient in your preparation and folding as well.

  • Plan ahead: set aside some relaxing time to finish ALL your laundry. Watch some TV or a movie, and fold each load as it comes out of the dryer.
  • Assertive Sorting: Use multiple hampers or baskets to sort clothes out from the beginning.
  • Sock Management: Wash all your socks in a mesh laundry bag so when it comes time to sort them you don’t have to search through the entire load.
  • Speed Folding: Take a couple minutes to learn the Japanese Folding Method below and fold all your clothes in two seconds flat!

Last but not least, go through your clothes and clear out what you don’t need. Whether they become hand-me-downs or donations, getting rid of the extra clutter will cut down your laundry time while helping someone else out at the same time.

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