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EcoReco Electric Scooters at Abt

Abt has always been home to a huge selection of home appliances and consumer electronics, the kinds of things that make your life either more entertaining or more convenient. It’s not often that you find a product that does both for you, and is also just downright fun.  But we’ve found it in EcoReco electric scooters, which we recently added to our product line.

The EcoReco scooters look a lot like the push scooters you’d see kids riding around on, but these are no toys. You’ll first notice that the scooter’s got some heft. It’s not that heavy (only 34 lbs.) but it’s solidly built, with an all-metal frame designed to support riders up to 250 lbs. The LED dashboard is your second clue that this scooter is serious business. So you hop on, hit the ON button, push off with your free foot, and then pull the throttle trigger. In just seconds, you’re cruising at up to 20 mph.

It’s hard to believe that a worthwhile propulsion system is hiding somewhere in such a small scooter, but EcoReco did it. Integrated into the scooter deck is a 36V lithium iron phosphate battery, with a 250W electric motor in the hub of the rear wheel. Together, this combo turns the tiny two-wheeler into a personal vehicle with some serious transportation abilities. Riders can expect between 10 and 20 miles per charge, depending on their weight and how fast they travel.

EcoReco Scooters

The combination of small size and healthy speed/range is what makes the EcoReco more than a toy, and elevates it to a device that has the potential to seriously change the way people travel, by addressing the “last mile” problem. In transportation planning, the last mile problem is the idea that the most difficult part of public transit is getting people that “last mile” to or from their destination. That is, a train line is great at getting lots of people from a train station in the suburbs to the center of downtown, but the passengers still have to find a way to cover what might be a mile or more to their office. The inconvenience of walking a mile in hot weather or in uncomfortable dress shoes is enough to cause many people to give up on public transit and just drive the entire trip, where they can park a block away from work. With a small personal transportation device like the EcoReco, public transit users can get off the train, unfold their scooter and quickly and easily make their way that last mile.


The compact build means you can easily take it inside the grocery store when running errands.

Abt’s Director of E-Commerce, Kenny, was one of the first to buy an EcoReco scooter. He lives in a suburban area in one of those in-between spots that’s maybe a little too close to stores and restaurants to drive, but just far enough away that it’s not always convenient to walk. On his first weekend with the EcoReco, he did his grocery shopping, visited the barber and stopped for lunch, all on his scooter. It’s small enough to take into the grocery store or a restaurant without being in the way, and powerful enough to complete an entire afternoon of errands. Plus, it’s super fun. As Kenny said, “the EcoReco electric scooter not only helps the last mile commuter on business days but brings out the inner child on the weekends.”

If you’re looking for an alternative method of urban transit or just want to feel like a kid again, check out our online selection of EcoReco scooters, or stop by the store for an in-person demonstration!

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