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Now more than ever, we’re learning the importance of our personal spaces. They keep us safe, comfortable, fed, and entertained. And with everyone being inside so much, I think we’re all looking for some DIY projects to do around the house—I’ve personally been focusing on ways to make it more “livable.” Since we’re spending so much of life in our homes, this can mean many different things, from turning a spare bedroom into a home gym or finally getting the time to style your home and make it more personal.

Making small changes in your home can bring a completely different feel to a room, and can be a solution to the cabin fever that’s probably starting to set in.  Here are four DIY projects that I like to do to keep my home fresh and updated.

Paint: This is probably the best invention ever. Painting an item or room is a cost-effective upgrade and can completely change its look, plus it’s easy to change back if you don’t like the results. I find that when I’ve owned an item for a while, the color can start to feel boring. Switching up the color or painting it neutral can make those pieces adapt to their environment. These items are usually lamps, vases, picture frames, or maybe a small furniture piece like a table. If you’re painting your piece a neutral tone, you can make it stand out by adding a pop of color like some flowers, greenery, or a stack of books.

If your entire room looks beige and boring, a great way to add some excitement is to paint an accent wall. This lets you incorporate color into a room without it being overwhelming. If you’re thinking of updating a kitchen, changing the cabinet color can drastically brighten the room. Lastly, changing the color or finishes of the fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen can also bring new life to something that looks old and outdated.

Rearrangement: If you’re bored and in need of a full-body workout, rearranging furniture is for you! All jokes aside, just changing the layout of a room can make your space feel more open and airy, or comfortable and cozy. It all depends on what vibe you are going for. One of my favorite rearranging tips is to switch up the furniture pieces from room to room.  Many pieces are versatile and can be functional in different ways: change up a side table and use a small desk, or turn a bookcase into a bar area. Switching up textiles in a room can also change the overall look. Get some new throw pillows or pillow covers, change rugs from room to room, and maybe even the curtains.

Plants: This tip is my favorite way to freshen up a room. Having plants and greenery makes your space feel more natural. These small house plants can brighten up a gloomy space and bring some organic forms to a mostly structured environment. From flowers to cacti, whatever plants you choose for your space, bringing a little nature to your home helps break up a rigid atmosphere. Since we’re spending so much time inside, this also can help make your space feel more like the outdoors. 

Plants are a great way to decorate your home, with a wide range of colors and textures that can quickly add variety to your space. The best part is that plants will grow and change over time, making them an evergreen piece you can use around your home for years to come.

Cleaning and Organizing: Changing how you organize your storage is a great way to bring a new look to various rooms in your home. This concept is mostly about functionality, but lets you include design elements. You’ll always want the items you regularly use  to be accessible. Instead of putting them in a closet or closed-off space, try open shelving. Align them in a way that is neat and organized to the eye, but keeps them functioning pieces of your regular routine. Some bathroom items I would use for open shelving are skincare, makeup, or towels For the kitchen, try stackable things dinnerware, serving platters, or glasses and cups. For your living area, neatly arrange your movies, records, books, and any media collections.

I hope these four DIY tips help make your home more comfortable while giving your space a little update! Check out all the home projects we have been a part of on our Instagram @abtelectronics and tag us with your home projects!

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