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Earth Day Guest Blog From Tim S.

What type of Earth Day celebration would it be without discussing water? It covers most of our planet, humans are made mostly of water, no living thing can survive without it, and most people spend more on it (per gallon) than on gas. Did you know bottled water costs anywhere from $7-$18 per gallon?

Here are some tips on reducing water usage and saving money in the process:

1. Buy a fridge that is Energy Star rated and has a filtered water dispenser. Get reusable bottles and stop paying for bottled water! On top of that, Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour, that’s 21,900,000,000 plastic bottles a year. Not only will you save thousands of dollars per year, but you will create significantly less waste too.

2. Buy a front loading washing machine. They use, on average, half of the water a top loader uses and 68% less electricity. These units not only pay for themselves over time, but also clean your clothes better.

3. Purchase an energy star rated dishwasher. When the dishwasher is not full, either wait until it’s full, or use the half load option that many new dishwashers come equipped with.. Either way, you will conserve water.

4. Turn your water heater down. Water heaters come pre-set from the factory at about 140-150 degrees. That is hot enough to cause 3rd degree burns on a child in 3 seconds. If you turn your water heater down to 110 degrees, it’s not only safer, but you will significantly reduce the amount of energy your water heater is using.

Get out there and have a great Earth Day!!!

Tim S.

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