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Don’t Wait Until it’s too Cold to Get Ready for the Winter!

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Summer has already come and gone, and as we watch the leaves change color in Fall, cold weather is creeping up. If you own a home and rely on a furnace to keep you and your family warm, you might want to check out if it’s in working condition before the real cold hits. At Abt Electronics, we offer service and sales for home furnaces. Many people don’t know they need to repair their unit before it’s too late.

Recently, CBS 2 Chicago news did an expose on the problems consumers run into when they don’t check on their furnace before the cold arrives. Our Abt installers mentioned, that since the cold weather came in so quickly customers are finding problems they didn’t even know they had. Check out the full article at CBS 2 Chicago’s article.

If you are looking to get a new furnace in your home, visit our HVAC center online and let Abt keep you and your home warm this winter!

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