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DJI Takes Over the Sky with their Improved Fleet

Since 2006, DJI has been on the forefront of consumer and professional grade drones, producing unmanned aerial vehicles—more commonly refereed to as drones—which are designed to capture aerial content for all types of users. The entry level Phantom model has been designed to make flying easy, even for someone who has never flown anything before.

The Phantom comes ready to fly, meaning you can un-box the drone and in less than 10 minutes have your new toy up in the air. Be cautious though, because pilots will tell you the easy part of flying is getting in the air; the hard part is landing. But you can have peace of mind, thanks to the intelligent flight system that gives the Phantom stable hovering assistance, collision avoidance, and an auto landing feature. Flight times on the Phantom range around 25 minutes thanks to the impressive battery that is easily swapable so you can keep flying when one pack is empty. There is a lot of impressive technology crammed into this space age looking drone, and lets not forget to mention that the Phantom is capable of shooting 4K video at 60 fps.

If you want a more portable drone that offers the ability to fold down to the size of a water bottle, then have a look at the DJI Mavic. The arms of this sleek and compact drone fold up the arms so it can easily be stored for transportation, but the small size does not compromise the amount of technology that is loaded into the Mavic. For example, hook up the compatible OcuSync virtual reality googles to get a first-person view (FPV) which will let you feel like you are flying through the air like a bird. The Mavic is great for anyone who wants to tote along a drone on their adventures, thanks to its light weight and and ability to fold into a small shape, making this drone from DJI a great travel companion.

Professional photographers with drone flying experience who are looking to capture cinematic quality footage, should take a look at the DJI Inspire 2.  Capable of reaching speeds of 58mph and with a flight time of 27 minutes,  this is more than a drone—it’s a mini spy satellite. Capable of recording video in 5.2K resolution, this drone is a tool for producing cinematic quality videos. Built to withstand many conditions, this Inspire 2 comes with all sorts of clever tech, like a self heating technology that will warm the motors in a cold environment for maximum efficiency. A Flight-Autonomy system is about as advanced as the autopilot on a 747, with infrared sensors surrounding the craft to avoid any obstacles that would cause damage. A beautifully crafted tool that looks great, but will make everything around it look even better.

Remember, please fly responsibly and abide by the government guidelines. You can find more information on registering your drone, and the rules for flying, at the FAA UAV site.

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