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Disney+: Everything You Need to Know

After months of rumors and speculation,the major specifications of Disney’s new streaming service were officially unveiled yesterday. Disney+, as the service will be known, stands to be the biggest news in digital streaming since Netflix started the online component of its business more than twelve years ago. Here’s all the important info that we have on the newest streaming platform so far.

How much will Disney+ cost? This was the one question everyone wanted answered, and Disney delivered with a surprise. Their streaming service will cost just $6.99 a month, and will be completely ad-free. That makes it one of the least expensive major streaming services, and definitely the cheapest to not have ads. Signing up for an annual subscription brings the price down to $69.99 for an entire year—just $5.83 a month.

What content is included? A massive selection of movies and TV shows from all of the brands owned by Disney, which is more than you might realize. Disney’s recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox gained them the rights to characters like The Simpsons and The X-Men; blockbuster movies like Titanic and Avatar; and majority ownership of other legendary media brands like National Geographic. In the first year, the streaming platform will include 7,500 episodes of past and present TV series, most Pixar and Marvel films, and a majority of the Disney movie back catalog. Additionally, the platform will be the exclusive streaming option for Disney movies once their theatrical and home theater runs end.

But just like Netflix has done with its original programming, Disney+ will be home to both shows and movies created specifically for the streaming platform. Expect to see some original Marvel Studios TV series, and a collection of all-new Disney movies.

When can I get it? Disney+ will launch on November 12, 2019.

Where can I watch? Like most other streaming services, Disney+ should be available on any modern smart TV, streaming player, gaming console or computer/tablet/smartphone device. It will launch in the US, but will be available worldwide by 2021. To stay informed, head over to their site to sign up for updates.

Are you excited for another streaming platform? We’re looking forward to having all of our favorite animated classics in one place.

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