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Create and Collaborate with the New HP Sprout

One of the more unique products we’ve gotten our hands on recently is the HP Sprout All-in-One computer. The Sprout is actually much more than just a desktop computer, providing all new ways to create, collaborate and compute. We took a look at what makes the HP Sprout so unique.

hp sprout main

The new HP Sprout immersive computer.

Inside the Sprout are the typical components you’d find in a powerful, high-end computer. A 4th-gen Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 745A with 2GB of dedicated DDR3 keep everything moving quickly, while a 1TB solid-state hybrid disk drive gives you plentiful storage (and the hybrid drive construction makes accessing that storage snappy). It’s when you start to move to the peripherals where you see what capabilities the Sprout provides, compared to a traditional desktop computer.

Where you’d normally find a keyboard, the Sprout is equipped with a 20-point multi-touch capacitive “touchmat” that lets you interact with the Sprout in the same way you would with a tablet or smartphone. Above the monitor is the combination camera and projection system. Place any object on the mat, take a photo of it, and it will be instantly projected back down onto the mat, where you can interact with it. Rotate it, stretch it, draw on it and more. Grab a photo, background or graphics from a saved file, and swipe it from the main monitor down to the touchmat to add to your project. If that’s difficult to imagine, this video shows the HP Sprout’s creative abilities in action:

The HP Sprout also makes creative collaboration easier than ever before, especially over long distances. Integrated webcams let Sprout users communicate with each other from anywhere on the globe, but the creative tools also let them interact with projects in real time. The following video shows how designers, engineers and other professionals can get and give instant feedback to their teammates or clients.

A collection of apps developed specifically for the HP Sprout give users a variety of different ways to take advantage of this unique technology. Of course, as a full-functional Windows 8.1 computer, the Sprout also runs all of your favorite programs or computer games. The included keyboard and mouse even let you revert back to a more traditional method of computing when needed. You can buy the HP Sprout online now, stop into the store to get a hands-on demo, or head to the Abt YouTube page to check out more videos about the HP Sprout.

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