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Countdown to Summer Olympics in London

The Olympic Opening ceremonies are just around the corner. Do you have what you need to experience every breathtaking moment as the world watches their most athletic representatives compete?  At Abt Electronics, we have exactly what you need to see every splash, hit and hear every shot and grunt made by these incredible athletes. Consider the following when getting your TV ready to watch the Olympic Games.

Where are you going to sit?

When you watch the Olympics, you want to be in a perfect position.  You don’t want to be too close nor do you want to sit far away from the screen.  A basic rule you can use for finding the perfect position is to take the screen size, multiply it by 2, and then use that as the number of inches you should be away from the screen.  Make sure you take into account TV height too.  You may be sitting the right distance, but you don’t want the TV too high or too low as you can give yourself a pain in the neck.

Do you have the right connections?

You may have the perfect TV, the perfect cable or satellite box and you may be sitting the perfect distance to watch it all, but if you don’t have them connected properly, it will be all for naught.  Make sure your audio and video connections are done properly.  You want to make sure you have the most vibrant images as well as perfect sound quality coming from your speakers to fully immerse yourself in the games.

Calibrate and re-calibrate

The Olympic games are filled with ceremonies and other exciting moments.  Make sure your TV properly represents every color of the world’s flags by double checking your color calibration.  One way to prepare yourself is to find highlights from past games and compare them to the way your TV looks now.  Check your user manual on how to get to the calibration screen, as each manufacturer’s instructions are different.

Make sure your TV is well protected

It may seem like an afterthought, but protecting your TV is a great idea even well beyond the Olympics.  One of the easiest and most affordable ways to do this is with a surge protector.  A surge protector will help you in case of a power outage or any other electrical interference.  If you shiny new HDTV isn’t plugged into a surge protector and an accident happens, your TV is fried.

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