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Cooking with MasterChef Jr.’s Addison Osta-Smith

This afternoon, a large crowd of guests was treated to a special cooking demonstration put on by BlueStar, featuring MasterChef Junior winner Addison Osta-Smith. Addison, who was champ in the program’s 2014 season, came to demonstrate a pair of her favorite back-to-school recipes. After meeting her fans for some autographs and photo opportunities, Addison got to work whipping up batch of Compost Cookies. The treats, made famous by Chef Christina Tosi from NYC’s renowned Milk Bar bakery, are packed with all sorts of random ingredients, including chocolate chips, pretzels, and even crumbled potato chips. As Addison explained, the great thing about Compost Cookies is that you can put almost anything in them, salty or sweet.  After the cookies came the hand-made Greek-style pizza. And when the cookies were done, Addison had time to answer questions from kids and adults alike, and then—of course—it was time to enjoy the delicious cookies. Big thanks to Addison, BlueStar Appliances, and everyone who attended.


If you missed the event, check out our recap videos. You can follow along and make both of Addison’s back-to-school favorites!

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