Control Your Sonos System with an iPhone or iPod Touch

Do you happen to own a Sonos media player system? How about an iPhone? How about both? Then you’re in luck, because now you can visit Apple’s App Store and download a free Sonos Controller application. People who own an iPod touch also are in luck, since the Controller app works with that device as well.

Sonos is a wireless system that lets you play digital music in multiple rooms in your house. The Sonos Controller for iPhone enables an iPhone or iPod touch to become a full-fledged Sonos Controller, giving you the convenience of the touch-screen interface along with the ability to carry it with you all over your home.

But that’s not the only new feature Sonos has just added to its systems. The Sonos Software 2.7 update is a free download that includes access to more than 15,000 internet radio stations and integration. In addition, it provides enhanced Pandora support (access to Pandora’s free, ad-supported version), and enhanced Rhapsody support in the form of a sound-quality boost from 128Kbps WMA to 192Kbps MP3 streams.

You say you don’t already own a Sonos multi-room music system? Just click here and check them out.—by Graham W.

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