Challenge The Abt Experts

With 37 acres and 1,100 employed experts, Abt has an unbelievably massive amount of knowledge on-hand about anything and everything we have on our shelves. Whether you need help installing your dishwasher, setting up your surround sound or configuring your wireless home network, the Abt experts are at your disposal.

The problem is, not everyone can make into our beautiful store and take advantage of the genius within, so it’s our goal at the Abt Blog to bring you the information you want, how you want it when you want it. Our site features videos, walkthroughs, buying and installation guides and much, much more. Why would we welcome the opportunity to slave away at our keyboards to help you? Because we care, we want all of our customers, no matter how far away, to fully enjoy their merchandise and make the most of their experience. So, if you have a question, issue, concern…anything, leave us a comment here and we will do all the legwork, and mind-probing of the experts, to bring you what you need.

I challenge you, all of you, to stump the experts here at Abt. If you can find a problem or issue that we can’t solve we will…

Ok so we can’t promise anything, but you can at least brag that you stumped the best in the business. So bring it on—all questions, requests or concerns are welcome. You want a video? We might be able to work that out too.

So, how can we help you today?

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