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CES 2023: Meet Afeela, Sony’s New Car

Sony Afeela Car on the CES Floor

At CES 2023, Sony announced that it will be bringing its technology to a place it’s never been before. The entertainment- and tech-focused brand is going where the rubber meets the road in a joint partnership with Honda to create Afeela, their new electric vehicle brand. Sony has been experimenting with EV concepts for a few years now, showcasing concept vehicles at CES in both 2020 and 2022. Their latest venture with Honda for Afeela is set to combine the best of both brands, with Honda focusing on classic automobile elements including safety and driver assistance, while Sony is going to place its emphasis on sensor technology and user interface. With over 40 cameras, radar, ultrasonic and lidar sensors, this sedan will be a carefully crafted mobility experience.

Afeela from the CES 2023 Floor

Their 2023 prototype did not disappoint, with a sedan showcasing the best of the car’s new technology. On the exterior, visitors could see a light display Sony has dubbed the media bar. People who walk by can see information on the media bar, like the car’s battery level and more. The interior will show off an even more impressive display powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine (previously used in General Motors’ Hummer EV). That moves Afeela even further toward the dimension of entertainment with a focus on seeing, hearing and feeling. The first Afeela sedan will have preorders open in 2025.

Afeela Car with People Inside at the CES 2023
Afeela CES image from the frost, visual of the media bar
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