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CES 2022: Samsung Freestyle Projector

Samsung freestyle projector

Imagine being able to bring the movie theater experience with you wherever you go. With the new Samsung Freestyle projector, you can do just that. Unveiled at CES 2022, this portable projector uses Bluetooth to connect to and project content from your phone. The Freestyle hasn’t even launched yet and we’re already obsessed.

With this release, Samsung anticipates many of the problems with projectors. For instance, they’re usually very expensive whereas the Freestyle clocks in at $899. Projectors are usually a permanent installation, whereas this gadget’s small size and lightweight construction mean you can literally fit it in your purse or backpack, perfect for traveling or road trips. Additionally, Samsung has created a specific carrying case (sold separately) to protect the projector if you do bring it on a trip. We haven’t seen anything quite like this. I’m already brainstorming ideas of where and how I’d use this handy little gadget!

Samsung freestyle projector

The Nitty-Gritty

Samsung’s tiny projector is loaded with tons of awesome features (almost too many to list). Let’s break down some of the highlights:

  • A 5-watt woofer enables immersive, cinematic 360° sound
  • Compatible with external batteries 
  • Projector can be angled with the cradle stand
  • Keystone correction properly aligns the picture
  • Compatible with multiple voice assistants
  • Streams movies and plays music
  • Full 1080p HD picture
  • Projects up to 100 inches
  • Smart Calibration means you don’t have to project on a white wall

This projector is about to turn every wall in your house into a movie screen. If you’re not ready to return to the movie theater just yet, this is the perfect solution. However, the Samsung Freestyle isn’t available quite yet so you’ll have to wait a little longer for those movie nights you’re planning. For now, check out our movie night essentials


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