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CES 2020: LG Opens The Door On New Smart Home Technology

LG Smart Door CES 2020

In 1989, ‘Back to the Future II’ introduced us to the world of tomorrow. Although, “tomorrow” meant 2015 back then. Here we are five years later in the real world and actual hoverboards, flying cars, and self-drying jackets still aren’t commercially available. However, at this year’s CES, LG has introduced us to some new technology that takes us one step closer to bringing the McFly’s Lyon Estates home to life (minus a fax machine in every room).

Upon his arrival to the LG booth this year, we were introduced to the Smart Door. Featuring facial and fingerprint recognition and an information center with real-time weather and traffic updates, this futuristic door is truly a piece of science fiction come to life. But the main attraction is the way that this door revolutionizes deliveries. Never again will a package go missing as the delivery person can leave your order in a secure locker that they can access with a QR code. Additionally, thanks to the refrigerated compartment above that dubbed the “Fresh Keeper”, groceries can be delivered to your front door and remain fresh until you get home to retrieve them.

With the convenience of the Smart Door with Fresh Keeper, the only way to get even fresher ingredients delivered right to your home is to grow them yourself in your own garden. Well, LG has you covered there too. With the Harvester, you could grow up to 24 herbs and spices in your kitchen in a refrigerator-type appliance. And if you don’t exactly have a green thumb, there’s nothing to worry about since the unit is fully automated to provide water and sunlight whenever the plants need it.

What do you think about the latest smart house tech from LG? Are you likely to add these innovations to your home of the future? Let us know in the comments!

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