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CES 2020: LG 48CX OLED Gaming Display


We’ve seen the new LG OLED TVs, as well as the company’s new gaming monitors, but this model sits somewhere in between those worlds. The LG 48CX OLED is technically a TV, but it does PC monitor things so well that it’s bound to become the most lusted-after gaming monitor of the year. LG’s OLED displays have always been ideal for gaming, with vibrant colors, insane contrast ratios, and great response time. But even the smallest model, at 55 inches, was a bit too large for a most gaming setups. The 48CX takes all of the technological goodness of the C-series OLEDs, and stuffs it into a 48-inch display.

The 48CX is a fully-functioning television, with everything you’d expect from an LG OLED TV: a stunning picture, the company’s Alpha 9 Gen 3 processing engine, full smart functions, etc. But it also offers plenty that will appeal directly to gamers: FreeSync and G Sync compatibility, HDMI VRR, input lag as low as 6 milliseconds, and, most importantly, a smaller footprint. As with the rest of the gear we saw today, no pricing has been announced, but based on prior year pricing of the C-series, we’d guess that the LG 48CX will come in around $1500, perhaps less.

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