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CES 2020: Klipsch BAR 44, BAR 48, and BAR 54 Soundbars

klipsch BAR 54 48 44 soundbars CES 2020

The Klipsch BAR lineup has been a wildly popular soundbar series, marrying the company’s renowned sound with a visual design that’s just different enough from the typical black slabs to make them stand out in a sea of uniformity. We caught up with Klipsch at CES to learn about some refreshes to the existing models, along with a new entry in the BAR lineup.

Klipsch BAR 54 Soundbar

The flagship of the Klipsch soundbar lineup, the BAR 54 includes a pair of surround speakers that let it achieve 5.1.4 surround audio, including Dolby Atmos’ height effects. It features wireless multi-room streaming and is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Klipsch BAR 48 Soundbar

One step down from the BAR 54 is the Klipsch BAR 48, a slightly smaller soundbar that offers a native 3-channel audio experience. Adding the optional surround speakers will bump it to 5-channel surround sound. New to the BAR 48 this year is virtualized Dolby Atmos, for a more immersive sound experience from just a soundbar.

Klipsch BAR 44 Soundbar

Completely new to the Klipsch soundbar lineup is the BAR 44. It slots in just above the company’s smallest current soundbar, the 2.1 channel BAR 40, but offers 3.1-channel sound. The Klipsch BAR 44 can also utilize the previously-mentioned Surround 3 speakers to become a true 5-channel surround system. Expect to see the Klipsch BAR 44 on our shelves some time this summer.

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