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CES 2020: Delta Airlines’ Guardian XO Exoskeleton

guardian xo exoskeleton ces 2020

As you might imagine, the Consumer Electronics Show is a great place to check out the latest in upcoming consumer electronics products. But part of the fun every year is getting a look at wild inventions that you’re never going to see on a store shelf. Things like flying taxi concepts, tires made for moon rovers, or the subject of this video: the Guaridan XO Exoskeleton by Delta.

Being demonstrated by Delta Airlines, who will begin using the technology this year, the Guardian XO Exoskeleton is a strength-augmenting robot built by Utah-based Sarcos Robotics. The XO Exoskeleton is battery-powered and “worn” by an operator, who can then go about their normal tasks with superhuman strength and endurance. Packed with advanced sensors and cutting-edge robotics, the suit instantaneously mirrors the operator’s movements, so it and the user move in tandem. XO amplifies the operator’s strength by a factor of up to 20x, so lifting the maximum payload of 200 lb would only require the effort normally needed to lift a 10 lb item. With a battery that provides enough power to last eight hours on a single charge, the Guardian XO Exoskeleton will revolutionize many manual labor tasks. To see a more in-depth look at the Guardian XO Exoskeleton’s capabilities, check out this recent video from CNET:

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